Review: The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

The Bone Season 

By Samantha Shannon

In this book we meet Paige a young clairvoyant in a society where being who she is, is basically illegal, as is working in her underground gang headed by Jaxon Hall. She soon gets discovered and is “arrested” and then finds herself within a new society called Shoul 1. Newly recruited in Bone Season XX (20), she then begins her mission to escape and attempting to take as many prisoners with her.

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Honestly I gave this a 4/5 stars on Goodreads, it was confusing to begin with everything was a little all over the place. Her writing tended to jump a little, especially in the middle section of the book. So it took a while to fully grasp what was happening. That and my book is filled with scribbles translating the roman numerals, which is a learning experience. I found this book okay, but that ending though. That is what got me, I am wanting to read the next book because of that ending. Yet somehow I was really hooked, I couldn’t put it down once I got over the first initial half of the book.

All the emotions happened at the end when she finally escaped the Prison. She got on that train and all I was in shock of what happened in the last 50 pages. (Would also like to point out that in those pages Jax is a true selfish jerk. But I love it when the author makes the nice guy into a sort of villain). I wanted to scream because where was this sort of writing at the beginning of the novel!! It went from slow and confusing to action packed and moving from one scene to another it was like she rushed to finish it. And so many unnecessary deaths, like for example


Liss, what was the point of killing her! She was so lovely and sweet and did not deserve that and to die in that way. I swear one minute she is alive and next minute she is dying in the silks. I must have missed the part on how she actually died because I have zero recollection of reading that.

Anyone wanna fill me in, comment below please I am beyond curious.

Also I just have to mention Seb and his unfortunate outcome. To be completely honest he did annoy me, at the beginning I still don’t understand his existence during some parts of the story… okay all of his parts during the story. But I did cry when I found out he was the poltergeist locking the entrance to the train station… tears were flowing.

Also Paige’s character development, was that stunning and shocking and if she was real I would just want to hug her. This book had me so sympathetic to Paige, and her struggle to just fit in it related to me in certain aspects. I’m not a clairvoyant much to my disappointment. But I am at a pure lack of words from how this character went from shoving everyone out, to finally gaining that feeling of acceptance even just for a little while.

In my honest opinion it was an okay book. It was one of those ones where you kinda struggle through at least the first 3/4 of the book then the ending just comes up and smacks you in the face. Thus leaving you hooked for the next book… well played.

What did you guys think of the Bone Season let me know in the comments below.

Also these are my own thoughts and opinions on this book, everyone is entitled to there own thoughts and opinions. 

25 Bookish Facts about Me!

First of all Happy Mother’s Day!!! To all the amazing mums out there!!! (It’s currently Mother’s Day here)

Just to introduce myself a little bit more, I decided to do the 25 Bookish facts about me tag… I am unaware of who actually started this tag, but numerous book bloggers have completed it on book tube. So I wanted to give it a go;

  1. Harry Potter! is my all time favorite series, there are others that range a really and I mean millimeter close second place… but this one always has a place in my heart. I grew up with these books!
  2.  Days without reading, yep I suffer from those reading slumps. Or I’ve just finished a book that I was really invested in and well, I need a few days to recover.
  3. Always have a book, my friends question me constantly over why there is a book in bag… I either have one of my Harry Potter novels or series of unfortunate events with me, cause I can just jump right into those books.
  4. Multiple Books at once, this is a really bad habit that I am trying to get out of, I have a tendency to start a book and then start another book, then start a third. It gets way out of hand.
  5. I suck at putting myself on a book buying ban… 
  6. Emotional Book buying? I’ve noticed that after exams especially that I go and buy more books, it’s like ‘Graduating uni.. Book!’ ‘Oh you’ve completed that assignment, Book!’ ‘You’re heartbroken….. here buy this book where you’ll get attached to characters that will most likely not make it to the end’
  7. TBR… I cannot organise a monthly TBR… I will most likely not read the ones I’ve choosen
  8. Mood Reader.. why I can choose books a head of time, also sucks because I should be reading from my TBR pile but my other books are calling to me.
  9. Anytime… I read anytime, almost anywhere.
  10. More than one book… I always bring more than one with me when I travel… currently I am off to Melbourne (when I was writing this I was procrastinating packing) and I have narrowed down the books I wanna bring to 7.
  11. School Books… one thing I hated reading, I believe the only book I enjoyed that I had to do an assignment on and actually finished was Inkheart by Cornelia Flunke… and that is because I got to choose it myself.
  12. I try to stick out the books I’m not really feeling.. who knows it could surprise you at the end
  13. I struggled to move my books into my tiny one bedroom apartment.
  14. I can’t stand a TBR shelf… it just bugs me when series aren’t in order…
  15. I get super annoyed… if you disturb me when I am in the zone.
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  16. I challenge my self to at least read a chapter a day if I’m not feeling a book. “It could get better, it could get better” is my mantra for giving a book a lot of chances.
  17. I really struggled through clash of kings by George. R. R. Martin and that is the only song of ice and fire novel I struggled through.
  18. I love the physical copy! I can’t read on a computer screen well, and for an extended amount of time.
  19. I can read for an entire day. I recently challenged myself to finish The Bone Season in a day. #nailedit
  20. At the moment I have a physical wall of books. My house is tiny so my one massive shelf and 2 shelves stacked on top of each other literally take up an entire wall of my unit.
  21. I don’t really like the movie covers of books…. 
  22. It has been proven by a Christmas note in Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone that my Uncle is the one that got me addicted to HP and reading
  23. I tend to read mostly Young Adult and Fantasy
  24. I am a RAVENCLAW!! And my hybrid house is a slytherclaw.
  25. And finally… I am a bibliophile and proud!! (Bibliophile: a person who collect or has a great love for books)

Well that was harder than I thought it would be… but there are the 25 bookish facts about me!! Hope you guys enjoyed it.

Does anyone else relate to these let me know in the comments below.

Off The Books… #1

This is a series that I aim to not talk about books, I know shocking.

I thought I would make things a little more different, because every now and then we need a break from the books. Okay so maybe most of us don’t but I sometimes do. I have noticed that when I get too involved I start to overthink, and over-plan things. I would make a list of every book I should read and then which ones to review on and then which ones would make my wrap – up post look the most impressive. Also the fact that I have literally planned out a schedule of blog posts for this month, which isn’t a bad thing. I just need a list to keep me focused sometimes.

Confession: I have actually written out all my books on my T.B.R… I have a notebook for it, it is about 3 pages at the moment, that I have organised into two columns on each page… (I do have the motivation to re – write it in a new layout… I know I am crazy). I had started this back in 2013. Its a 4 year long list that I am no where near through… But it helps me keep track I guess….

But that to me what I mentioned above with the overthinking and the not helpful planning, just ruins reading. It makes it a chore instead of something relaxing and fun to do. Sure I get overwhelmed by the 60+ books on my T.B.R but that is nothing compared to overthinking, I get when I involve social media sometimes. This would look good on Instagram, better update this on Tumblr, oh i forgot Goodreads. That is a just the summary of the thoughts that go on in my head about reading. That can sometimes put me in a reading slump.. and that is not overly fun. But Netflix is my best – friends at that point, hey even my subjects turn into procrastination from reading… now you know that something is wrong when that happens.

And I know what you might say, why do you do it?
I do it, to stop myself… It helps that I have this outlet to explain and let myself plan something and to think about what should be prioritized and what shouldn’t be. It allows me to have this platform to express that…

So far this whole not talking about the books has turned into a long explanation of why I am spacing my bookish talk posts, from my off the book posts. The idea of this series is to share my thoughts (as confusing as they can be), or things I find hilarious. Just to get a break from the books, so I don’t get overwhelmed or struggle with keeping up with everything. Does this make sense?

Does anyone else get that feeling sometimes?

That the aspect of keeping up with blogging, can turn into a stressful occasion rather than the reason we all started in the first place… I know I started because I love books, reading them and writing about them… But also because well I have opinions to share, I have points to get across, sometimes I want to be heard. I find it amazing that there is an outlet available to share with anyone really. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, is it?

Anyways, here’s to the new start of something I hope sticks…

– Gab

Well HI…

I’m not Dory. Congrats to anyone that read that in her voice.

I have no idea how to start this off, complete honesty. I have tried this before as a teenager and it didn’t exactly work out. I had so many ideas and school and just well a shitty time. Hey look another blog post idea… i’ll write that down. So bare with me, as you most likely know things get better with time.

So why did I bother making this?
Well, I like books and I wanted to create a platform where I could discuss my opinions other than Goodreads. Also it’s a blog, so no doubt life events or just ranting may occur… will most likely occur.

I am not a writer, I don’t claim to be the greatest influence of all time. This is a place for opinions. As I attempt to navigate my way through books.. and life… but mainly books.