Off The Books #3

I finally have the time to sit and write properly now… I have no more uni work to hold me back! Just the online diploma but that’s not as bad. But technically I am done with university! And I couldn’t be more excited 🙂 

Don’t get me wrong I loved my time at uni, well some of it. And I learned so much, probably not as much of my course work as I was supposed to but you know it’s close enough… but I just had an idea for another post. See there’s proof uni inspires people! 

What else happened this week… oh I started a second job… cause I like being able to afford rent. Yay!!! And to be completely honest I have never been happier or freer than ever 🙂 

It’s just so so freeing, and I can’t wait to put up more content on here!!! 

I’m going to leave this short and sweet! Haha have a great week guys!! 

– Gab


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