Do I have a Book Problem…

So the other night I updated my TBR… I have a list that went back to 2013 (yes I write them down it’s the only way I can keep track) and I culled some that I would never get around to reading… so I’ll donate or pass them to friends who want them. yet I counted and the entire list is 135 books long.

But after I went through and crossed off the ones I have read which is 75 at the current moment. And you know that over 50% of the books… and then I have a selection of 61 (62 when my other book arrives) to choose my next read. 

But it made me think… do I have too many books… cause that list doesn’t include books that I have had from the age of seven (Harry Potter) or as I moved on through. And you know why my book list is so huge…. I READ STORIES THAT HAVE 2+ BOOKS IN THE COLLECTION! And if I enjoy the series that much you can betcha favorite series im in the bookstore pricing (buying) the next one or ordering it online if they don’t have it in store. It’s an addiction…

But not only that I seem to find excuses to buy them… whether it finished my exam for the semester or actually completely my degree… or even if I’m sad because sometimes Books like assassination classroom (SO GOOD BTW) makes me smile. 

So in light of the TBR. I have currently placed myself on a ban, I have to read 10 books off my list (which has its disadvantages due to being a reader who reads what she feels like). Which lasted about a week because I am so close to finishing my final assignment for university annndd I ordered some books in celebration. 

Is this just me or does anyone have a huge TBR?? 


3 Replies to “Do I have a Book Problem…”

  1. Oh no. Not too many books! You could never have too many! My TBR is out of control as well. I’m trying to do the same where I read so many before buying more. I just got a bunch for my birthday this month but I won’t be purchasing for a while!


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