This or That Tag!

So recently icebreaker694 posted a this or that tag… to check it out click here.

Here are the Rules!!

  • Mention the creator of the tag (Ayunda @ Tea and Paperbacks)
  • Thank the blogger who tagged you
  • Choose one of the options, you don’t have to explain why but you can if you wanted too
  • Tag other people..

Reading on the Bed OR On the Couch? 

Bed! It is so warm and comfortable!! But lately I’ve been reading on the couch next to my heater in a blanket.

Male Main Character OR Female Main Character?

Both… I don’t really have a preference 

Salty Snacks OR Sweet Snacks

Depends on my mood general I’d go for the savory snacks or ice cream!!!!!! 

Trilogies OR Quartets

Trilogies… although I still suffer the book hangover when they end

First Person p.o.v OR Third Person p.o.v

I don’t have a preference, I like both

Reading at Night OR in the Morning

Whenever I have time.. also for me reading at night is an issue because the
book can be that good. Sleep is secondary in comparison to the story.

Libraries OR Bookstores

I buy a lot of books, so I will have to say the bookstore. Currently had to place myself on a ban..

Books that make you laugh OR books that make you cry

Any book that makes you feel some sort of powerful emotion is a really good book

Black book covers OR White book covers

Either? I don’t judge books by the covers… sometimes

Character Driven OR Plot Driven

Depends on how it works with the story… Sometimes a plot driven story
out does the characters or it is the other way round. My current read is a plot driven
story and it is a little confusing but also really good!!

Who do you tag? 

Emily Jane 

(This is her YouTube Channel…. But I needed someone to tag.)




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