Review: The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

The Bone Season 

By Samantha Shannon

In this book we meet Paige a young clairvoyant in a society where being who she is, is basically illegal, as is working in her underground gang headed by Jaxon Hall. She soon gets discovered and is “arrested” and then finds herself within a new society called Shoul 1. Newly recruited in Bone Season XX (20), she then begins her mission to escape and attempting to take as many prisoners with her.

(Goodreads Link in the title)

Honestly I gave this a 4/5 stars on Goodreads, it was confusing to begin with everything was a little all over the place. Her writing tended to jump a little, especially in the middle section of the book. So it took a while to fully grasp what was happening. That and my book is filled with scribbles translating the roman numerals, which is a learning experience. I found this book okay, but that ending though. That is what got me, I am wanting to read the next book because of that ending. Yet somehow I was really hooked, I couldn’t put it down once I got over the first initial half of the book.

All the emotions happened at the end when she finally escaped the Prison. She got on that train and all I was in shock of what happened in the last 50 pages. (Would also like to point out that in those pages Jax is a true selfish jerk. But I love it when the author makes the nice guy into a sort of villain). I wanted to scream because where was this sort of writing at the beginning of the novel!! It went from slow and confusing to action packed and moving from one scene to another it was like she rushed to finish it. And so many unnecessary deaths, like for example


Liss, what was the point of killing her! She was so lovely and sweet and did not deserve that and to die in that way. I swear one minute she is alive and next minute she is dying in the silks. I must have missed the part on how she actually died because I have zero recollection of reading that.

Anyone wanna fill me in, comment below please I am beyond curious.

Also I just have to mention Seb and his unfortunate outcome. To be completely honest he did annoy me, at the beginning I still don’t understand his existence during some parts of the story… okay all of his parts during the story. But I did cry when I found out he was the poltergeist locking the entrance to the train station… tears were flowing.

Also Paige’s character development, was that stunning and shocking and if she was real I would just want to hug her. This book had me so sympathetic to Paige, and her struggle to just fit in it related to me in certain aspects. I’m not a clairvoyant much to my disappointment. But I am at a pure lack of words from how this character went from shoving everyone out, to finally gaining that feeling of acceptance even just for a little while.

In my honest opinion it was an okay book. It was one of those ones where you kinda struggle through at least the first 3/4 of the book then the ending just comes up and smacks you in the face. Thus leaving you hooked for the next book… well played.

What did you guys think of the Bone Season let me know in the comments below.

Also these are my own thoughts and opinions on this book, everyone is entitled to there own thoughts and opinions. 


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