Well HI…

I’m not Dory. Congrats to anyone that read that in her voice.

I have no idea how to start this off, complete honesty. I have tried this before as a teenager and it didn’t exactly work out. I had so many ideas and school and just well a shitty time. Hey look another blog post idea… i’ll write that down. So bare with me, as you most likely know things get better with time.

So why did I bother making this?
Well, I like books and I wanted to create a platform where I could discuss my opinions other than Goodreads. Also it’s a blog, so no doubt life events or just ranting may occur… will most likely occur.

I am not a writer, I don’t claim to be the greatest influence of all time. This is a place for opinions. As I attempt to navigate my way through books.. and life… but mainly books.



Day Three and Four

I have done no reading what so ever… I have been so distracted. And getting screwed around by real estates it’s fantastic.

As well as work to which I have to get up and 4 am for tomorrow so I am still more than annoyed… urghhh :/ 

Too much stress and I’m exhausted after these past two days 😦 

Sorry for the short update but I am just too tired… 

Day Two!!

I have just been procrastinating; I decided to clean my car and do laundry and hang out with my family and even cook… I just have done everything but read. I don’t know why… 
Part of me thinks I set my standards a bit to high for this one… I’m barely getting through ACOWAR :/ who knows I did a fair bit of reading last night. However it’s just I don’t know… I’m getting so distracted these days and so so tired 

Books: 0 

Pages: 230

#Ayearathon Day One Update

So I am attempting to give ayearathon (JUNE) a go. This readathon begins on Monday 5th of June and ends on Sunday 11th of June. For once I’ve actually planned a TBR… a set amount of books to read.. this will most likely challenge me. The theme for this readathon is Series (Finish / Catch- Up). And as mentioned in my previous posts I have a lot of series… So I am going to be continuing to read;

  • A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Mass

I am hopefully going to read; 

  • Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare
  • Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
  • Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead

Also there is a challenge set for this readathon… read a book whose character is the same age as you. Surprisingly this is difficult as the only who comes close is Feyre from the ACOTAR series as she was 20 in ACOMAF… so I am presuming that technically she would have been 21 in this book if she wasn’t immortal. 

Books: 0

Pages: 56

I was just so distracted today… I’d read then get up and do something and then read some more then get distracted.. it’s an endless cycle… hopefully I can get more tonight. 

May Wrap Up!!

Hi Guys… This is my first wrap – up post for this month, so short introduction it is pretty self explanatory. So I will jump right in.

  1. The Bone Season By Samantha Shannon 4/5
    See my Review Here
  2. The Wrath and the Dawn By Renee Ahdieh 3/5
  3. The Crown By Kiera Cass 4/5 Review will be up next month!!

Annnddd that’s it.

Currently Reading: A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Mass

That is all I read this month, thanks to uni… and work and other life distractions.

However I would like to point that littlebookowl on YouTube was an amazing human being and posted a video on readathons for 2017 I will link it for you here … Seriously this woman is a legend. Since we are in June I decided to jump on and participate in my first readathon. Kind of an impulse move because it starts for me on Monday 5th June, and I am half prepared.

I watched her video and found the link for the readathon that I am interested in, which is ayearathon- which for this month is Catch – Up / Finish Series. Which is perfect because I have a ton of series and a lot of books that are part of the series that I need to kick my butt into gear and finish this that I have had for a while now.

So I am very very to start my first readathon… TBR will be posted on Monday.

Off The Books #3

I finally have the time to sit and write properly now… I have no more uni work to hold me back! Just the online diploma but that’s not as bad. But technically I am done with university! And I couldn’t be more excited 🙂 

Don’t get me wrong I loved my time at uni, well some of it. And I learned so much, probably not as much of my course work as I was supposed to but you know it’s close enough… but I just had an idea for another post. See there’s proof uni inspires people! 

What else happened this week… oh I started a second job… cause I like being able to afford rent. Yay!!! And to be completely honest I have never been happier or freer than ever 🙂 

It’s just so so freeing, and I can’t wait to put up more content on here!!! 

I’m going to leave this short and sweet! Haha have a great week guys!! 

– Gab

Do I have a Book Problem…

So the other night I updated my TBR… I have a list that went back to 2013 (yes I write them down it’s the only way I can keep track) and I culled some that I would never get around to reading… so I’ll donate or pass them to friends who want them. yet I counted and the entire list is 135 books long.

But after I went through and crossed off the ones I have read which is 75 at the current moment. And you know that over 50% of the books… and then I have a selection of 61 (62 when my other book arrives) to choose my next read. 

But it made me think… do I have too many books… cause that list doesn’t include books that I have had from the age of seven (Harry Potter) or as I moved on through. And you know why my book list is so huge…. I READ STORIES THAT HAVE 2+ BOOKS IN THE COLLECTION! And if I enjoy the series that much you can betcha favorite series im in the bookstore pricing (buying) the next one or ordering it online if they don’t have it in store. It’s an addiction…

But not only that I seem to find excuses to buy them… whether it finished my exam for the semester or actually completely my degree… or even if I’m sad because sometimes Books like assassination classroom (SO GOOD BTW) makes me smile. 

So in light of the TBR. I have currently placed myself on a ban, I have to read 10 books off my list (which has its disadvantages due to being a reader who reads what she feels like). Which lasted about a week because I am so close to finishing my final assignment for university annndd I ordered some books in celebration. 

Is this just me or does anyone have a huge TBR?? 

This or That Tag!

So recently icebreaker694 posted a this or that tag… to check it out click here.

Here are the Rules!!

  • Mention the creator of the tag (Ayunda @ Tea and Paperbacks)
  • Thank the blogger who tagged you
  • Choose one of the options, you don’t have to explain why but you can if you wanted too
  • Tag other people..

Reading on the Bed OR On the Couch? 

Bed! It is so warm and comfortable!! But lately I’ve been reading on the couch next to my heater in a blanket.

Male Main Character OR Female Main Character?

Both… I don’t really have a preference 

Salty Snacks OR Sweet Snacks

Depends on my mood general I’d go for the savory snacks or ice cream!!!!!! 

Trilogies OR Quartets

Trilogies… although I still suffer the book hangover when they end

First Person p.o.v OR Third Person p.o.v

I don’t have a preference, I like both

Reading at Night OR in the Morning

Whenever I have time.. also for me reading at night is an issue because the
book can be that good. Sleep is secondary in comparison to the story.

Libraries OR Bookstores

I buy a lot of books, so I will have to say the bookstore. Currently had to place myself on a ban..

Books that make you laugh OR books that make you cry

Any book that makes you feel some sort of powerful emotion is a really good book

Black book covers OR White book covers

Either? I don’t judge books by the covers… sometimes

Character Driven OR Plot Driven

Depends on how it works with the story… Sometimes a plot driven story
out does the characters or it is the other way round. My current read is a plot driven
story and it is a little confusing but also really good!!

Who do you tag? 

Emily Jane 

(This is her YouTube Channel…. But I needed someone to tag.)



Off The Books #2

Look at this adorable puppy!!!!

Internet meet Bambi! In a rare moment where she isn’t trying to bite me… Super cute!!

So this week I got distracted, and I missed a deadline that I set for this blog and to be honest. I am one of those people that puts super high expectations on herself and when I don’t meet them. I shut down.

I stare at the blank page that is my blog post and I put it off… and off… and off until I remind myself why I started this in the first place. And right now I am in one of those moods where I am even questioning why I started this in the first place. I don’t know maybe I’m hormonal, maybe I’m just having on of those days, who knows it just me I guess.

Re-reading that last paragraph I have no idea if that would make any sense at all. I could have gone just gone with the easy excuse of I have super busy. I just started a second job, and well things have just been a bit crazy I guess. There isn’t really much structure to this post.. I am having writer’s block, probably cause I haven’t really done anything this week, and because I plan to be way to open and honest on this blog. I have nothing to lie about either.

However my sister did visit me, on Wednesday hence the adorable Bambi above, and she made a Vlog about it… Basically she used me for her YouTube channel. Gotta love that sisterly love hey. But if you feel like checking it out, just click here. Little bit of background information; My sister has recently become a vegetarian and no absolutely nothing on Vegetarian foods, I’ve been Vego for about six years now. I’ve lost count. So I thought I would teach her a thing or two about cooking, so we found a recipe on the internet and tried it out and she filmed it…. It was entertaining to say the least.

Anyway I’ll sign off now; to be honest I can’t think of anything else… and I would rather meet a deadline than miss it. So in a way I am proud that I motivated myself to post something today. It is the little things that count, remember that guys.

– Gab